Dean McDermott Shuts Down Divorce Rumors With Tori Spelling: ‘It’s Just Weird’

Tired of responding to the rumors about him splitting from his wife, the ‘Dead Again in Tombstone’ actor says in a new interview, ‘If that’s what you want to think, then think it.’

AceShowbizDean McDermott has shut down rumors suggesting he and Tori Spelling are heading for divorce. When setting the record straight about his marriage to the “BH90210” alum, the “Dead Again in Tombstone” actor called the swirling speculations “weird.”

The 54-year-old addressed the rumors when appearing in the Wednesday, September 15 episode of “The Feminine Warrior” podcast. “It’s just weird that people need to know,” he said. ” ‘What’s going on with Tori and Dean? She’s not wearing her ring.’ Why do you need to know that? How is that going to affect your day?”

“I don’t reply anymore,” the father of six went on explaining. “It’s just like, ‘OK, if that’s what you want to think, then think it.’ “

Dean then revealed why Tori was seen without her wedding band back in June, the same month when their split rumors emerged. “She took it off because she washed her hands and forgot to put it back on,” he elaborated.

Dean, who wed Tori in 2006, was once spotted ditching his ring too, but he had a particular reason for that. “I had a silicone utility ring that I took off when I was playing golf, and I put it in my pocket,” he claimed.

“And when I take my glove out, it fell out on the golf course,” the Canadian native continued. “So, I lost my utility ring and then somebody saw that. ‘He doesn’t have his ring.’ So, now, everybody’s in a titter, so I’m like, ‘Forget it, I’m not going to replace it. Just let them think it.’ “

Just days earlier, Radar reported that Tori “is done” with Dean because he’s such a sex addict. A source told the outlet, “Her and Dean have been done for about three months now. To their credit, they tried… they really tried. But Dean’s sex addiction became too much for Tori. He absolutely did not cheat, but he just wants sex all the time.”

“This time she’s done. Tori is a mom of five, has a business, and is working on new projects. She can’t just give Dean sex whenever he asks for it – and she needs more emotionally from him and he can’t do that,” the source added. “Some of the stuff I’ve seen has been sad.”

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