David Hasselhoff Defends His ‘Heathy’ Ego

The former ‘Baywatch’ actor admits in a new interview that he might come across as conceited at times but he insists his ego comes from his desire to be perfect.

AceShowbizDavid Hasselhoff confesses his ego is “heathy.” Admitting he might come across as egotistical at times, the “Baywatch” legend, 70, insists it comes from a place of wanting his work to be “perfect.”

“Well yes, I have an ego, but it’s through a desire to be perfect in whatever I’m doing. I have a healthy ego because I apologise when I’m wrong. I am wrong sometimes but most of the time I’m dead-on,” he told Reader’s Digest UK.

Hasselhoff has a major fanbase in Germany and his latest role is playing a fictionalised version of himself for TV over there. He will appear in “Ze Network” for RTL streaming service TV Now alongside German actor Henry Hubchen, who also plays a version of himself, and the show is described as an international conspiracy story.

“Ze Network” sees The Hoff land the lead role in a German stage show, only to be plunged into the centre of a conspiracy of former cold war assassins while the fabric of reality seems to break down around him.

He said of the show, ” ‘Knight Rider‘ was incredibly successful for both me and RTL. Returning now 30 years later to do a cutting-edge series and working with RTL again is a dream come true. The series is funny, deadly, creative and informative … simply exciting. Fact or fiction, you decide.”

It’s not the first time he’s played a fictional version of himself as he did just that in “Hoff the Record“, a sitcom which ran for two seasons in 2015 and 2016 on UK TV channel Dave.

And in 2017, he appeared in the movie “Killing Hasselhoff“, in which Ken Jeong portrayed a cash-strapped nightclub owner who hires a hitman to kill the star in a bid to win a celebrity death pool and revive his fortunes.

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