Danni Menzies poses in sizzling cut out swimsuit as she reminisces over weekend in Morocco

Danni Menzies sizzles in her swimwear shoot

Danni Menzies of A Place in the Sun popped over to Morocco to watch a motor racing event – and couldn’t resist the opportunity to pose for some classic snaps by the pool

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Danni Menzies, 33, sizzled in her blue and yellow patterned swimsuit, with cut out sections that emphasised her slim waist.

The sports-mad star, who showed off her muscular thighs by the pool, had been to the North African country with @fiaformulae.

The trip had given her the opportunity to enjoy some motor racing action, which was a perfect fit with her long standing passion for fast cars.

“This was such a good weekend,” she assured her 102,000 followers alongside snaps in which she seemingly could not stop smiling.

She added of @fiaformulae: “If I could just take you guys everywhere that be great!”

Danni Menzies at the pool

Danni Menzies, who formerly presented A Place in the Sun, showed off her flawless body in a cut out costume after a swim

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