‘Covid divide is WORSE than Brexit’ Kirstie Allsopp issues lockdown warning for Britain

House prices: Kirstie Allsopp discusses impact of pandemic

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Kirstie Allsopp has claimed that there is a divide between people who want their freedom back and those who want to stay in lockdown, amid the coronavirus pandemic in Britain. The Channel 4 star says the “bitter” split is worse than the Brexit divide.

Kirstie, who is best known for fronting property shows with her co-host Phil Spencer, said it is noticeable everywhere, including at work.

It can be seen in the colleagues who do not want to return to the office for fear of catching the virus, as well as in elderly who are “terrified” to leave their homes, she said.

The 49-year-old also said the use of face masks was also a good indicator.

The face coverings are no longer a legal requirement in most situations but people continue to wear them.

“We can see it all around us – the colleagues who refuse to return to the office; the older people still terrified to leave the bottom of their drive; the clubs, choirs and sewing circles that have collapsed because no one dares take the risk of meeting human beings,” she wrote in her column for the Mail on Sunday.

She went on to say: “A dangerous division is emerging – between those of us who want our freedoms back as soon as possible and those who believe in a new, more regulated life with spells of home imprisonment whenever our medical scientists become concerned.

“Which is often.”

Kirstie said the split was far worse than any seen in recent years.

“The divide caused by Brexit is nothing to this new rupture,” she added.

The stepmother and mother of four did admit that she could accept that some people, particularly those who are frail, immune-compromised or undergoing cancer treatment were frightened, but reasoned that we need human contact and interaction to thrive.

She explained that her own mother had lived with cancer for many years, but still struggled to understand the strict restrictions.

The Location, Location, Location presenter has been very vocal about the matter on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Kirstie tweeted: “My Mum had many bouts of chemo which made going out and about, and seeing family, very difficult, but you didn’t have your life curtailed.

“I struggle with the idea that we now need to behave so radically differently with Covid especially now there is a vaccine,” she added, in view of her 423,800 followers.

Kirstie has also blasted the government’s handling of the coronavirus during the pandemic online.

Last week she tweeted: “Nobody in the entire country will benefit from our Government failing get to grips with re-booting tourism in London.”

And before that she said she was glad that Boris Johnson’s vaccination passports were defeated in parliament, on July 22.

Kirstie and her family have just returned from a sun-soaked holiday in Florida.

She says it’s now time for people to take their masks off and take responsibility for their own health.

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