Congressman Cedric Richmond Says Donald Trump is a Racist

The leader of the free world is a racist, and Donald Trump‘s history of prejudice against minorities dates back long before he became POTUS … so says Rep. Cedric Richmond

The U.S. Congressman and Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus didn’t dance around the subject … saying on “TMZ Live” Wednesday Trump is a racist and racially challenged, and the terms are interchangeable when it comes to 45. 

Check out the clip … Cedric says Trump’s racism stretches back over three decades to the Central Park 5, and continued through his Presidency with Charlottesville and his attacks against Maxine Waters, Don Lemon and LeBron James

Cedric says Trump presumes guilt when any minority is accused of a crime, because DT views black people as criminals … adding Trump’s hypocrisy is evident to this day with his defense of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the Saudi Arabian Crowned Prince.  

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