Columbus Day 2018: What Is Open & Closed On The Holiday?

It’s Columbus Day 2018, and while many schools aren’t in session for the holiday, the same doesn’t go for most stores and restaurants. Here’s a guide to what’s open and closed!

The second Monday in October marks the celebration of Christopher Columbus discovering America — and this year, that falls on October 8! While schools in some states are closed for the holiday, you’ll have to specifically check with your district to see if yours falls under that jurisdiction. Columbus Day IS considered a federal holiday, but most businesses are open. However, the banks are closed, although TD Bank will remain open, just like they do on Veteran’s Day and President’s Day, which are also federal holidays.

Like with banks, the post office is closed on federal holidays, so there will be no mail on Oct. 8 this year. However, if you’re expecting something from UPS, you’re in luck — while the company recognizes Columbus Day, they don’t close for the holiday. FedEx will also be open, but home delivery is closed, as is Smart Post. The courts are also closed on Columbus Day, along with government offices and most libraries. The Stock Market is open Columbus Day, but the bond markets are closed.

For the most part, businesses, stores and restaurants will be open on Oct. 8, but you’ll have to double check with those in your town individually to make sure. If you’re lucky enough to have off of work, you certainly won’t be confined to your home — it’s a perfect day to get some errands done or enjoy a meal out!

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