Coleen Nolan’s daughter warned her ‘don’t settle’ for new Tinder boyfriend

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan is happily loved up with her new boyfriend, Michael, but her daughter Ciara wasn't always on board with the romance and warned her mum not to "settle."

Speaking exclusively to OK! as she opened up about her new romance, Coleen explained: "She was worried that I was getting into a relationship because I felt like it was my last chance."

Coleen – who has been dating Michael, 57, since they met on Tinder last June – continued: "She said, 'you say nobody’s ever looked at you like Michael but there’s loads out there that would do that so don’t just settle for the first one'. But I was trying to explain to her it definitely wasn’t that!"

However, Coleen said her daughter, who she shares with ex-husband Ray Fensome, was really mature about the situation, adding: "She sat us down for dinner and told us off! She rules the house.

"We’re all terrified of her. After she told us I came upstairs and sobbed my heart out in the bedroom."

Coleen went on to explain she "felt bad" and "a bit angry" at her daughter's reaction and said she suffered from "mum guilt."

She explained: "I thought, hold on a minute! For the whole lockdown I’ve lived with all three of my kids and their partners and they all go off together for walks or off to bed and I just thought, give me a break!

"Of course I’m into it and I want to enjoy it. I felt like it was a bit selfish kid syndrome.

"A case of 'when I need you I want you there'. And I just felt sad as I didn’t want her to feel sad and put out. Even when you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ll always have mum guilt."

Coleen's partner Michael interjected to say that her kids are now on board with the romance.

He explained: "I think they were just getting to know me and now they do."

Coleen added: "Ciara completely bullies Michael! He took it really well actually. I think anyone else would have gone, 'your daughter’s a b****!'"

Of course, Michael disagreed, adding: "She wasn’t at all. I’ve got a son the same age."

Meanwhile, Coleen explained her sons were more chilled about her new man.

She added: "Shane’s laid back. He’s like, 'oh he likes football, he’ll do for me!”'Jake’s more philosophical. Ciara is the most protective. What’s good is, if there’s an issue, we all sit down and discuss it."

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