Coco breast-fed daughter while cops arrested Ice-T

Ice-T was busted on Wednesday for blowing through a toll without paying at the George Washington Bridge as he was headed into the Big Apple, police said.

But the star — and his wife, Coco, who witnessed the arrest — were so calm, she even began breast-feeding their baby on the side of the road, a source exclusively told “Page Six TV.”

The “Law & Order” star was busted at about 6:56 a.m. by Port Authority Police, who alleged the McLaren sports car he was driving was not registered and didn’t have license plates.

A spy on the scene told “Page Six TV” that Coco and their baby “were in a blue Range Rover behind him when he was arrested. She got out of her car. Everyone was calm, especially Coco, who proceeded to breast-feed their daughter — taking her breast out and getting to work!”

The iconic rapper-actor was processed and released, according to police.

Ice-T told TMZ that he’d forgotten his E-ZPass since he has so many sports cars.

He went straight to the set of “Law & Order: SVU” after his release.

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