Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry Opens Up About What To Expect From New Album

Chvrches is due to return with their fourth album in spring 2021, and it definitely will have “the Chvrches DNA” but its tracks couldn’t “slot into any of the first three records,” according to the band’s frontwoman Lauren Mayberry.

“You want it to be like your band, but with modern day pop music there’s a pressure to take your sound and put it through the filter of what is popular,” Mayberry said in an interview with the Guardian.

Asked if she feels pressure to keep up with how quick pop changes, Mayberry replied that the band wants to be aware about an advancement in pop music.

“The vocal production on the Billie Eilish album is absolutely phenomenal — that is an advancement in pop music,” she said.

At the same time, she made it clear that “You’re never going to win in a race that is saturated by people who are bigger, better and more popular.”

The Scottish synthpop trio has released three top 10 albums, the last of which – Love Is Dead – came in 2018.

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