Christopher Maloney’s ever-changing face – before and after plastic surgery

Anyone who panicked earlier this week at the news Christopher Maloney had gone ‘missing’ can breathe a sigh of relief: his phone was just switched off.

But fans were quick to worry about Chris, 40, especially after the performer revealed he suffers from panic attacks and anxiety, which he says are linked to his issues with his appearance.

Since appearing in X Factor in 2012, the singer, has undergone a variety of surgeries on his face.

Let’s go back to where it all began for Chris…

Christopher Maloney before plastic surgery


Chris appears in X Factor, aged 34, and finishes third.


He reveals he’s spent £70,000 on plastic surgery, including a nose job, hair transplant, eye lift and teeth veneers.

After this round of work, he says: "I hated how big my nose was so I’ve had surgery twice on it – to make it smaller and change the way my profile looks.

“When the bandages first came off I looked in the mirror and had a complete panic attack because I was all bloody and bruised. Now I feel so much happier for it.”


He puts himself back in the limelight when he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, and was the fifth person to be evicted after 22 days.


He books himself in for £100,000 worth of surgery and flies to Poland with BFF Daniella Westbrook to get the work – including another nose job, eyelid surgery and more hair transplants – done cheaply.

However, he is rushed to hospital on his return, suffering from suspected deep vein thrombosis. A source tells The Sun:

“Doctors gave him some blood-thinning drugs and after some observation time, sent him home to recover. He can’t stop thinking about how lucky he was – there are so many horror stories about DVT clots travelling in to the heart or lungs. It’s a killer.”

Christopher Maloney after plastic surgery


His medical emergency doesn’t stop him getting further work done earlier this year, and he goes under the knife again for a sixth nose job and yet another eye lift.

Christopher reveals he struggles with severe anxiety in the past, and he suffers from a panic attack after a Loose Women appearance in July.

The panel encouraged him to look in a mirror to confront his post-surgery reflection.

Christine Lampard said: "You talk about not feeling comfortable, we’ve got a mirror here now – are you able to stand in front of it and tell us what you’re able to see?"

Christopher Maloney suffers panic attack after Loose Women FORCE him to view his reflection

"Because I’m looking at something very, very different clearly. Are you happy to do that?"

Despite this, he gingerly approached the mirror before running away from his own reflection, and began shaking.

Later that day, he was seen spotted breathing into a paper bag after getting out of his car during his return home.

As the women said on the show: Chris, you don’t need any more surgery. You’re fine as you are!

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