Christopher Biggins reveals dramatic weight loss ahead of pantomime season

You’ll be seeing a lot less of Christopher Biggins this Christmas.

Don’t worry – he’s still doing panto. But he has shed more than a stone after “constantly going to funerals” forced him to contemplate his own mortality.

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and fearing he could suffer a heart attack, he’s given up sugar and Diet Coke.

“It rather depressed me and I very rarely get depressed,” the entertainer says of his diagnosis. “I thought, ‘Oh dear, this is sort of the beginning of the end’.

“Knowing that I’m twice as likely to have a stroke or a heart attack because I have type 2 diabetes is sobering.

“I’m obviously overweight but I try to keep it in a good parameter. I’m quite good at the moment. I’ve lost weight – about 16 pounds. I can bend down and put my shoes on easier. It’s very good and I feel so much better. This type of diabetes is reversible and that’s now my aim.”

Several of Biggins’ close friends have passed away recently, including Cilla Black, who died in August 2015, Dale Winton, who died in April, and his mum, Pamela, who was 93.

Christopher, who is 70 in December, is already planning how he’d like to die.

“I would want to go in my sleep,” he says, speaking as the face of the Novo Nordisk UK Don’t Miss a Beat in Type 2 Diabetes campaign.

“Aged 90 in bed asleep. Exactly. My way of doing it. That would be fantastic.”

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