Chris Tarrant’s son Toby admits ‘weird’ similarity between him and famous dad

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Chris Tarrant’s son Toby, 30, has opened up on the spooky similarity between him and his Who Wants to be a Millionaire? host dad. Michael Sheen played Chris in ITV drama Quiz in 2020, sparking a slew of texts to Toby’s phone. 

It wasn’t until Toby got into radio presenting that he realised how much he sounds like dad Chris, 75.

And when Michael portrayed the ITV star in a dramatisation of ‘coughing’ major Charles Ingram, all of X-FM presenter Toby’s friends said the same thing. 

“You know, I never realised, I never thought I sounded anything like him, then obviously doing radio you hear yourself back a lot, and I realised we do,” he told

“We just put weird emphasis on the wrong bits of words and it’s so bizarre, and I’ve never noticed it until I started hearing myself back more. 

“And actually Michael Sheen played my dad in a TV film a year ago, and my mates were messaging me going, ‘He sounds more like you than he sounds like your dad.’ 

“I was going, ‘Please don’t tell me that.’ 

“So yeah, there are some similarities there that are genetic.”

He added: “But look, me and my dad are very similar in lots of ways, we’re also different but no, I’ve got a lot of similarities with my old man and I like that because I love my old man and I think he’s good fun!” 

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While Toby’s voice is spookily similar to the former Who Wants to be a Millionaire host, he doesn’t try to emulate him – nor did he get any presenting advice. 

“I wish I had my dad’s presenting style because he’s much more successful than me, if I did have his presenting style I would be a bit further up the ladder!” he laughed. 

“Honestly I kind of fell into it, it was never a childhood dream, the opportunities presented themselves and I took them. 

“I probably was guilty of a bit of imposter syndrome in the first few years and thought, ‘I’ve got no right to be here.’ 

“And then the longer you do it, the more you get positive reactions from people with the stuff you’re doing and then you start to believe in yourself and back yourself a little bit more,” he added.

“But no, I never tried to be dad or mum, or my sister who is a brilliant broadcaster as well, I just tried to be me and hopefully it works!

“My dad never gave me any advice anyway, because he used to say to me, ‘Well, look, you and I are very similar, but we’re also two completely different human beings, so crack on and have fun and see how you go.’” 

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