Cher is releasing her first Christmas album called ‘Cher Christmas’

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I’m dating myself, but I can no longer think of Cher without also hearing Sean Hayes-as-Jack McFarland singing her lyrics. Cher is so much more than that, I know! I love a diva who fully owns her divahood, and to me she epitomized that when she guest starred as herself on Will & Grace, blowing Jack McFarland’s mind AND landing a Moonstruck joke. Perfection. I only wish Will & Grace 2.0 were still around to make hay out of this news: Cher is releasing her first Christmas album!

Winter is coming — and so is Cher!

The “Believe” singer, 77, is gearing up to release her first holiday album, Cher Christmas, and she started teasing the project to her 2.6 million Instagram followers on Thursday.

“Are you spending Christmas with me?” the singer wrote alongside the record’s festive cover art.

And after describing the album photos (in exhaustive detail), People Mag shared more info on the contents:

Although the release date for Cher Christmas has not yet been announced, the album is available for preorder now — and Cher is “really, really excited” about it.

“It’s a Cher Christmas album. It’s not your mother’s Christmas album,” the singer said on Good Morning Britain earlier this month.

“I’m really, really excited because there’s millions of people on it, and I’ve never had duets. I’ve never had people on any of my records” Cher told the hosts, adding that the collaborations were a “last-minute thing.”

Though the Moonstruck actress did not reveal any of the artists’ names, she hinted they are “special.”

“I mean, I’m in awe of all of them,” Cher added.

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“It’s a Cher Christmas album. It’s not your mother’s Christmas album.” I’m all in favor of that, but what are we thinking it means exactly? I’m hoping for mash-ups of classic Cher with classic Christmas. Like, “All I Want for Christmas is to Turn Back Time,” or “Gypsies, Tramps and Frosty the Snowman.” Or what about “I Got You Baby It’s Cold Outside!” Also, how long before we see tie ins between the album and Cherlato? That’s not a criticism, it’s part of why I love her. After all, it’s Cher’s world, we’re just living in it.

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