Charli and Dixie D'Amelio Are Both Experts In All Things Fancy—But Who Has the Bougier Taste?

We all know the D’Amelio sisters as TikTok royalty. They’ve danced all the dances, nailed all the skits, and have gained millions and millions of followers in a *very* short period of time. TBH, they pretty much rule social media at this point. BUT! Can they add Expensive Taste Test to their resume?

Charli and Dixie played our fancy(ish) game where we gave them two of the same products. The catch is that one of the products has a much higher price tag than the other. So, the player (in this case, players) has to guess which one is the more expensive one just by looking at it. I must say, these girls know their bougie stuff.

For le first round, we started them off with some watermelon gummies. Before Dixie could even finish chewing her candy, Charli guessed the pricier version. So now we know who has the sweet tooth out of the two! Next up, we had them munching on potato chips and this one was a biiiit trickier. After some thorough tasting, they concluded that the better tasting one was the ~costlier~ one. Teamwork makes the dream work because point for D’Amelio gals!

And it only got more difficult from there on out. We had them checking out bucket hats, swatching lip glosses, eating cereal, and more. Stay tuned to see if they made it to our leaderboard!

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