Channing Tatum posts shirtless selfie: ‘Daddy is finally back’

Channing Tatum has been sort of missing in action since his divorce with Jenna Dewan was finalized in 2018. However, he got some smiles and goodwill when he dressed like a fairy to promote his children’s book, Sparkella, a couple of weeks ago. He’s now making his directorial debut in an upcoming film called, Dog. He will star as an ex-Army Ranger traveling to the funeral of a fellow soldier with a four-legged companion named Lulu.

Tatum recently posted a shirtless selfie from set showing off his newly ripped body. Tatum, 40, mentions that his fitness journey has been a long road but that he is back in action and ready to go. He also showed off his protective mask and Purell sanitizer. He hinted at the possibility of a Magic Mik remix when responding to a comment from Magic Mike choreographer Allison Faulk . Here is more from People:

“It’s been a long road back. Injuries, life s—, and just insanity in general,” he captioned the black-and-white snap. “Ha daddy is finally back boooi!! Gonna be a fun next 10 year run. To all those that have been there for me and held me down through it all. I love you. I’m gonna make ya proud. Let’s goo.”

Tatum, who is making his directorial debut with the upcoming film Dog, which he is currently filming, went on to point out that fitness hasn’t been his only priority lately.

“Also peep the purell bottle,” he continued, noting the presence of the hand sanitizer, which also appeared alongside a protective face shield and a face mask. “Keep it clean out there folks. Hahaha.”

Of course, Tatum wasn’t the only one to comment on his ripped physique.

“Yup!!!!! Fan freaking tastic! Good for you my friend – so exciting” wrote Alison Faulk — lead choreographer on both Magic Mike films who also collaborated with Tatum on creating Magic Mike Live — before re-posting the image on her social media account. “Ok boss” she wrote with smiley emojis. “Sending you love.”

[From People]

Channing has been a hottie staple since he crashed onto the scene in a Mountain Dew commercial. Back in the day I used to love seeing him on screen. I’m not going to lie I wasn’t feeling the casting of him as Gambit for future Marvel movies but I guess he’s what we got.

With that being said, I like that he shares how the road back to fitness wasn’t easy after experiencing injuries and well, life. I understand that experience as someone who suffers from chronic pain due to back, knee and shoulder injuries I sustained in the military twenty years ago. It is difficult to stay fit but I am sure it is made easier if you have money and a fitness team.

I am not mad at a shirtless Tatum floating around. Say what you want about the man, but that body ain’t bad on the eyes. Plus, I love a man secure enough in his masculinity to dress like a fairy and post a photo of it.

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