Chanelle Hayes shows off dramatic face weight loss in pictures after shedding seven stone

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Chanelle Hayes has shown off her dramatic face weight loss in before-and-after pictures.

The 33 year old has lost seven stone after having gastric sleeve surgery and has now revealed her slimmer face as a result.

Big Brother star Chanelle has been open about her surgery and weight loss journey and honesty revealed how low she felt after her weight spiralled to 17st4lb.

The mum-of-two told her followers that when she felt her lowest, she constantly saw "people portraying perfection" on Instagram, therefore making her wanting to be "transparent about her experience."

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Alongside pictures of her face before-and-after her surgery, which she shared to Instagram, Chanelle wrote: “Face to Face Friday.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

"I’ve seen a lot of comments online calling me two-faced because years ago (2016) I did interviews saying I was happy being bigger than a size 8. Just to clarify, I was only a size 12 at this point, weighing around 12 stone and I did feel comfortable and happy with how I looked.

"Over the following years my weight and lack of confidence spiralled and I had reached 17st4lb and wore size 18 clothes. My health (mental and physical) was impacted and the happiness I felt at a size 12 was no longer there.


"I don’t like influencers who claim to love products or feel a certain way in order to earn money and me changing my mind about my self-image didn’t earn me any money, it just refocused my mind to put my health front and centre. I don’t “change my mind” in order to gain financially, I’ve turned down a lot to stay true to myself.

"I’m sharing these posts to be transparent about my experience, not to push products or snake oil. When I was at my highest weight , and lowest emotionally, all I saw on Instagram was a bunch of people portraying perfection. And I felt like a failure.

"Nobody has a perfect life, everybody wants something they don’t already have. So this #facetofacefriday is me showing that it’s ok to feel less than perfect, it’s ok to choose a different road to what we thought we wanted, and that being me is enough.”

Earlier this week, Chanelle explained that before having her surgery, her addiction to food had left her morbidly obese.

Following the surgery, the reality star is now 10st 1lb and in a 'normal' BMI range after a total loss of 101lbs, which is 7st 2lbs.

She shared before-and-after pictures of her body, with her standing with her back facing the camera, wearing black underwear and a sports bra with her arms outstretched.

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Chanelle went on to say that she feels like she now has her life back post-surgery as she wrote: "On 1st August 2020 I had gastric sleeve surgery with @tonicsurgery and have never looked back since. I didn’t have surgery because I am lazy or uneducated about how to be healthy.

"I was an addict and felt completely powerless. Tonic gave me a tool and physically restrained me from the huge amount of bingeing I would do.

"They speak to me regularly to update exercise plans, nutritional requirements and check on my mental health, giving me ways to behave in a healthier way around food. This procedure has really given me my life back. I am so so grateful."

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