Chance The Rapper Says George Floyd Protests Must Be ‘Documented Justly’

Chance The Rapper recently took to Twitter to join the scores of celebrities who have spoken out about the tragic death of the 46-year-old black man George Floyd, who died at the hands of police brutality on Monday, May 25.

The singer requested all those who “hold a pen at a publication” to “be carefully intent with your words,” and not to “demonize the people that are being beat and battered in the streets.”

The death of Floyd has resulted in nationwide protests, many of which have turned violent, resulting in heavy property damage, looting, and traffic disruption.

The rapper argued that “damaging property is not violent,” but “the actions of the state have been. It must be documented justly.”

When other Twitter users challenged his views by expressing that the definition of violence includes such things as damage to property, the singer accused them of having “attachment to material things and ‘order’ that you do not have with black lives.”

One user wrote “So when can we come by and trash your house?” to which he responded with “Did Your house get trashed? Or are you so attached to the Targets and Police precincts of the world, that you feel as though your own home was finally being targeted? You dissociate the lives lost and the bodies beaten from the criminality of smashing windows and burning cars.”

Other artists who have expressed their rage about the incident include Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ice Cube, and Ariana Grande.

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