Casual Update: Cody Simpson Just Qualified for the Olympic Trials

Anyone out here wondering what Cody Simpson has been doing with himself since he and Miley Cyrus broke up? Oh, you know, just casually becoming an Olympic swimmer. The Prince Neptune poet hopped on Instagram over the weekend to make this very low-key announcement, musing “I just qualified for my first Olympic trials” and explaining that he’s been keeping his athletic journey “relatively low key until now.”

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Cody went on to say that there’s been a “silent fire” in his stomach urging him to return to swimming, and and that “after only 5 months back in the water with my incredible coach @hawkebr, I was able to take out a win and secure a spot at next years Australian Olympic trials in the 100 fly.”

Wow. Congratulations to Cody! Meanwhile, I’ll be here working on a very different but also legit Olympic sport: marathon chip eating.

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