Carol Vorderman: Loose Women bosses declined host’s request to feature ‘interesting women’

Carol Vorderman reveals she's taken up pole dancing

Carol Vorderman, 60, admitted she once asked ITV producers to consider bringing in specific guests onto Loose Women, such as female business tycoons, but her request was turned down. The former Countdown star used present the daytime show from 2011 until 2014 when she decided to leave the panel due to other work committments.

When I hosted Loose Women for a few years, I used to ask [the producers], ‘Why can’t we have interesting women who run [companies] as our guests

Carol Vorderman

In a recent interview, she revealed that her idea was shut down by show bosses, but didn’t give an explanation as why that was.

She said: “When I hosted Loose Women for a few years, I used to ask [the producers], ‘Why can’t we have interesting women who run [companies] as our guests?’

“And they would go, ‘Oh no’.”

Loose Women features a wide array of guests discussing all things from politics and current affairs to the latest gossip all from a female perspective.

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ITV declined to comment when approached by

The last time Carol was seen on the show was back in 2018, when she noted how she and her former co-star Carol McGiffin used to bicker for fun.

As Vorderman entered the set, the group of women began reminiscing about their history on the show.

But McGiffin quickly said they usually had a number of arguments.

Voderman laughed: “I loved having rows with her!”

Carol has been in the spotlight for more than 30-years since her debut as maths-whizz on the popular daytime quiz show.

But looking back at the relationship between women and the world of celebrity and TV work, she noted that she was surprised there hadn’t been much change.

“I have been in telly for 38 years now and, after all that time, I thought it would have changed more,” she told The Telegraph.

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“When the next generation – people in their 30s – come in [to run TV], they will have a different attitude and I think we will see a big change.

She pointed out that there is “no ageism in young people”, suggesting: “They don’t get it – and I love that they don’t understand it. They’re like, ‘Come on, Vorders!'”

But while she insists her gripes are not a “Poor Me thing”, the 60-year-old admitted she’s bothered about what it all means for younger women.

“As a girl, if you are interested in science, maths and engineering, there’s no opportunity to observe role models on TV,” she said.

“Women are allowed to do cookery programmes, but they’re not allowed to present science programmes generally – unless they’re biology-related – or engineering or shows like Top Gear.”

This, she noted, was what prompted her to suggest a new look for Loose Women guests.

Elsewhere, she recently embarked on a new venture that’s a lot closer to home, which ironically is what her latest show is called.

The TV series sees Carol revisit her north Wales roots to investigate how much things have changed for women since she grew up.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV and Closer To Home continues Tuesday at 8:30pm on BBC One Wales.


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