Cardi B's Baby Kulture Gets Blinged-Out Chair and Shoes

If the crystal shoe fits, Cardi B‘s baby is gonna wear it, along with her own blinged-out mini throne … TMZ has learned.

Baby Kulture recently got a baby rocking chair as well as a super fancy pair of baby shoes as gift from Sony, Cardi’s record label. Sources tell us the chair is covered with nearly 26,000 rhinestones and is valued at $1,500.

Of course, Kulture will be rocking bloody shoes — expensive and red-bottomed, featuring 1,450 Swarovski crystals. They run about $200.

We’re told Sony reached out to Angela’s Fantasy Creations about a month ago to commission the pieces, which they wanted to give to Cardi as a gift after she gave birth. The chair took the full month to create, but the shoes were made within a day.

The chair has Kulture Kiari Cephus’ initials inscribed in rhinestones. Our sources say the baby shoes were a bonus gift, suggested by AFC. 

At only 3 months old, KKC won’t be able to use the chair or shoes for a minute — but soon enough, the kid can take a royal seat.

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