Cardi B Slams Fake Screenshot That Appears to Show Her Shading Ariana Grande

Cardi B is setting the record straight – she did not “like” this horrible photo on Instagram displaying Ariana Grande and some of her ex boyfriends.

If you don’t know, a photo circulated showing Cardi B apparently “liking” an image trashing Ariana and her love life. Well, Cardi posted a slice of the screen shot to prove that she did not “like” and it has been totally photoshopped.

“Ya gotta do better with the photoshopping the “Y” is a little cut off in the corner ????…you kids need to find a hobby ,LEAVE ME ALONE,” Cardi B posted.

If you don’t know, Ariana is very close with Nicki Minaj, who has an ongoing feud with Cardi B.

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