Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, Snubs Princess Eugenie By Skipping Wedding: Where Was She?

Is there bad blood brewing in the British royal family? Prince Charles attended Princess Eugenie’s wedding, but his wife – Camilla Parker Bowles – was absent. Where was she and why did she snub the ceremony?

There were so many royals at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, 28, and Jack Brooksbank, 32, on Oct. 12. Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan Markle, 37, Prince William, 36, and Kate Middleton, 36, were there, as was Harry and William’s father, Prince Charles, 69. The son of Queen Elizabeth II, 92, and Prince Philip, 97, (who in attendance) and heir apparent to the British Throne arrived at the ceremony and missing was his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles, 71. Did the longstanding rumor of “bad blood” between Camilla and Eugenie’s parents —  Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, 58, and Prince Andrew, 58 — cause Camilla to stay at home? Actually, the reason she wasn’t at St. George’s chapel was…because she had a prior engagement.

Camilla had made plans to attend a harvest festival near Birkhall in her native home of Scotland, according to The Mirror. The Duchess of Cornwall had made plans to attend the ceremony and visit home long before Princess Eugenie’s wedding date was announced. “I would not view it as a snub. It was a long-standing prior engagement,” one source told the Daily Mirror. While there are reports that Fergie and Andrew – the Duke and Duchess of York – were “quite upset” over the “snub,” a Clarence House spokesperson downplayed the mutterings of a royal tiff. “They get on very well, the couple has no issue with it – they have known about the diary clash for some time,” the rep said, per the Ottawa Citizen.

Still, the absence will do nothing to quell the idea that there’s a coolness between Camila and Fergie/Andrew. Camila reportedly feels that Andrew did not speak up for her and Prince Charles’ relationship after Princess Diana’s death, according to the Daily Mail. “Camilla has always felt Andrew could have done more,” an insider told the publication. “The Queen listens to Andrew and he could have helped his brother at a time when he had few allies within the family. In fact, I would go so far as to say he was deeply unhelpful when support would have meant a huge amount to her and the Prince.”

Though Camila wasn’t able to make it, there was plenty of “royalty” – British and otherwise – attending the ceremony. Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Liv Tyler, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Stephen Fry, Ricky Martin and Robbie Williams were among the many celebrity attendees who witnessed Eugenie and Jack’s marriage. Not to mention, Princess Charlotte and Prince George were there so, there was plenty of royal starpower to go around.

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