‘Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page Reveals The Most Difficult Scenes For Him To Film & They Might Surprise You

Rege-Jean Page is opening up more about his hot role in Bridgerton as Simon, Duke of Hastings.

The 30-year-old actor revealed some of the most difficult scenes for him as an actor in the Netflix show, and they might surprise you.

“The hardest moments are the very, very subtle barbs and hurts over the dinner table,” Rege-Jean shared in a recent interview.

He continued, pointing out that the high emotions are the toughest parts to go through: “When someone says something that you don’t get to blow up about, that you don’t get to cry about, you just have to take that sting right in the ribcage and express that through a flick of an eyebrow or through the way that you cut your peas.”

Another difficult scene for Rege-Jean to take on was another dinner scene with Simon sharing a meal with the Bridgertons and he’s reminded of the pain of his past.

“There’s a moment in the house of the Bridgertons where it’s ostensibly a quite calm, happy scene. I’m at dinner for the first time with this family. I really don’t want to be there, but you can’t say that,” he says. “The kids are there and they’re all happy and playing and being accepted in exactly the warm and loving family that Simon never had. And that is never explicitly mentioned in the script in that moment.”

Rege-Jean added, “No one’s going to say it. But it is the biggest thing about that scene for him. Inhabiting that space is the most challenging but also the most gratifying part.”

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