Body language expert JUDI JAMES on Phillip Schofield's BBC interview

Phillip put his wedding ring on show but couldn’t hide the pressure behind his fake bravado: Body language expert JUDI JAMES reveals how Schofield was disgusted by his own affair revelations in BBC interview

Phillip Schofield put on a display of ‘bravado’ during a BBC interview about his affair with a younger colleague but could not hide his ‘disgust’ at what he had done, a body language expert said today. 

Speaking to Amol Rajan, Schofield categorically denied grooming his former This Morning colleague but said their later affair and his decision to lie about it was ‘unforgivable’. 

The 61-year-old confirmed the pair met when the younger man was 15 but said their interactions until he was an adult were just about ‘career advice’ and said the first time they had sexual contact was when he was in his 20s.  

Judi James said Schofield tried to ‘convey calm elegance’ at the start of the interview and ‘had his hands on display to show his wedding ring. But she said his underlying body language betrayed the pressure he was feeling. 

‘Schofield adopts a pose that seems intended to convey calm elegance, with his legs crossed and his hands folded on camera side, displaying his wedding ring that he also holds up to display at the end of the interview,’ Ms James said. 

Phillip Schofield gave an interview to the BBC’s Amol Rajan last night. Judi James said Schofield tried to ‘convey calm elegance’ at the start of the interview and had his hands on display to show his wedding ring

Ms James said Schofield tried to demonstrate ‘bravado’ at the start of the interview with a ‘head-lurch’ 

‘This poise seems to be his go-to look throughout the interview but that ”poise” is not endorsed by his underlying, contradictory body language rituals and the emotional undercurrent and sense of pressure is revealed almost immediately as he is asked how he is.

‘Before the main interview starts he pauses, speechless, with some micro head-nods and a smile that looks ironic. He looks away with a head-lurch, in a display that suggests a stab at fake bravado. The pause continues before he talks of ”a weird numbness”.’

Schofield’s use of the second person suggested an attempt to distance himself from what he was talking about, Ms James said.  

‘His use of ”you” rather than ”I” when he talks about ”You come to a point where you just think how much are you supposed to take” suggests he avoids personalising his thoughts.

‘He is asked ”Are you feeling strong enough to do this” and his answer ”I have to” comes with a weak vocal tone and a sad eye expression and head shake that imply a no rather than a yes.’ 

At moments in the interview Schofield could be seen holding a vape.  

At moments in the interview Schofield could be seen holding a vape, which the body language expert described as a ‘comfort toy 

Schofield’s language was ’empathetic’ when he was asked whether he had told Holly about his affair 

Ms James says: ‘When asked if it was an ‘abuse of power’ he rubs his thumb on his nose in a cut-off ritual’

‘Schofield clutches a small vape that he seems to use as a self-comfort toy, squeezing it and massaging it to suggest he is feeling under pressure and at other times his hands appear to be shaking,’ Ms James said. 

Schofield then went on to describe how his affair began when he shared a ‘consensual’ kiss with the young man in a This Morning dressing room.  

Analysing the segment, Ms James said: ‘His tonal and body language mood changes with the storyline. When he says ”and then” there is a small sigh and a mouth clamp as he sucks his lips in and shakes his head in a gesture of regret.

‘When he says ”something happened” he lets out a small but explosive sigh and a head shake before performing a frozen pause.

‘His eye cut-off and tongue-poke suggest rejection and disgust as he finishes ”I will regret it forever.” 

Schofield shaking his head in a ‘gesture of regret’ 

Schofield told Mr Rajan that his daughter had saved his life since he quit This Morning, insisting he ‘wouldn’t be here’ if they had not stayed by his side over the past week because he has ‘lost everything’.  

Discussing this moment, Ms James said: ‘Schofield closes his eyes, shakes his head and pauses talking about his ”poor mental state”. 

‘He looks brought down by emotion as he tilts his head and looks down using an exaggerated mouth clamp of distress.

‘When asked whether he told Holly about his affair his body language is emphatic. He rises in his seat with what looks like shock. ”No, god, no” and his brows rise in a gesture of surprise as his eye widen. 

‘He then performs a series of mime and illustrative gestures to tell the story of how their make-up room was a ‘sanctuary’ saying how he misses that ”deeply” he throws his head back and pauses as though trying to prevent tears.’

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