Bob Saget 'was at peace' when John Stamos last saw him for double date with wives, actor says

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John Stamos is opening up about the last time he saw his pal Bob Saget.

The longtime friends starred in “Full House” together from 1987-1995 and became close friends afterward. When Saget died at the age of 65 earlier this year, Stamos, 58, gave a eulogy at his funeral.

Now, the “Big Shot” star is looking back on the last time he saw Saget, which took place when the actors took their wives on a double date about a month before the comic’s Jan. 9 death.

“The last time we were all together, we went on a double date to Nobu, maybe a month before he passed away,” Stamos told the New York Times earlier this week. “He didn’t look like a guy who was going to die, but he was very calm, which was odd for Bob. He was at peace somehow.”

“And he listened, and he was thoughtful and didn’t interrupt; he cared about what we were saying,” the star continued. “I hate to say it, but it was the Bob that I always wanted to see. And it was the last time I saw him.”

John Stamos revealed that Bob Saget was ‘at peace’ when they last saw one another, about a month before the comedian passed away.
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Furthermore, he added that “Bob was always worried about everyone else, but he talked about death a lot.”

Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, “had a premonition,” Stamos said, though he noted that he “didn’t see it” himself.

While the two were very close in recent years, it wasn’t always that way. Stamos told the publication that he and Saget “completely clashed” because Saget was a comedian while Stamos saw himself as a more dramatic actor.

“I think we met in the middle,” the star conceded. “But we both went in kicking and screaming, not wanting to bend what we do.”

Saget felt similarly it seems, as the comic’s ex-wife Sherri Kramer told Stamos at the funeral that while he had grown fond of his former co-star, Saget “hated” Stamos “in the beginning.”

Pictured, from left, ‘Full House’ stars Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, Candace Cameron, Bob Saget, Ashley Olsen and John Stamos.
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“He would come home, and he was so jealous of you,” Stamos recalls Kramer telling him. “He would just complain about you so much.”

Stamos told the Times that he found his former co-star “painfully distracting” due to his constant jokes on set, which Stamos said “could have been a detriment to him sometimes.”

Eventually, Saget “found a balance” unlike anyone Stamos had ever seen.

“He would make up for all of that with just as much love or more,” gushed the actor. “I had so many people call me, saying what Bob meant to them and how he helped them. He was maniacally of service at all times.”

When “Full House” ended, Stamos said he didn’t feel he “needed” Saget in his life until several years later when his father passed away in 2001.

“But then my dad dies, and this guy steps up like nobody in my life because everybody else was busted up. My sisters, my mom,” recalled Stamos. “But Bob wasn’t, and he just stepped in and took care of me, even to the point of ‘Can I host your dad’s funeral?’”

Bob Saget (left), John Stamos (center) and Dave Coulier (right) reprised their roles in ‘Fuller House,’ Netflix’s spin-off of ‘Full House.’
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The actor said the funeral consisted of “two hours of dirty jokes that I think my dad would’ve liked,” praising Saget for giving “people what they needed at that moment.”

“Everybody needed a laugh, and he did it,” reflected the star. “I think that one really cemented our friendship. And then it just got closer and closer from there, to the point of we just were there through all the most important moments. Now I have to get through them without him, you know?”

The friendship was a two-way street too, as Stamos, likening himself to Cyrano de Bergerac, recalled once texting Saget while he was out on a first date, “telling him what to say, what to do.”

“And then when he broke up with that girl, he was practically living on my couch,” he added to the Times. “I mean, we were as close as anyone could be. But everybody said that about him.”

Though Saget “was a great listener,” Stamos said that “sometimes you had to tell him to listen,” and once he even suggested Saget see a therapist, which the actor said “really helped.”

Bob Saget was found dead in a Florida hotel room on Jan. 9 at the age of 65.
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“But next to my mom, he was my biggest cheerleader, my biggest fan. He would brag about me to people,” Stamos gushed. “When I brought ‘Fuller House’ back and it was a success, at first you could see he was like, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ And then almost every interview it was, ‘John did this. He’s the one who got us together. We owe it to him.’”

“My job for many, many years was to help him to understand how good he was and how smart he was, how funny he was and how much people loved him,” he continued. “I guarantee you he went into that grave not knowing the love that this world has for him, and that saddens me so much because he wanted that so bad.”

Stamos concluded: “He craved being accepted and loved and appreciated, and people knowing how damn good he was. And they did know it, but they didn’t get it to him in time.”

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