Blac Chyna Is ‘Getting Sick’ Of Rob Kardashian’s Child Support Payment Woes!

Getting sick of the Kardashians drama these days? Blac Chyna can relate.

The social media sensation isn’t being shy about her feelings towards Rob Kardashian after he filed court docs aiming to reverse their child support payment orders.

As we reported, the 31-year-old claimed he can no longer afford his monthly $20k to Chyna for their daughter Dream Kardashian because he’s too traumatized by the media to appear on any episodes of KUWTK, bringing his monthly E! salary from $100,000 to a mere $10,000. The former sock mogul thinks this means Chyna should be paying him $2,864 per month, not vice versa.

Chyna, veteran bag securer and money move maker, subtly reacted to the legal twist on Instagram Tuesday afternoon. On one of her Stories, the 30-year-old wrote that she was “Sick of these n****s,” seemingly referring to her ex and his family.

In another post, Chy showed off her expensive luxury car collection, writing the caption:

Work Hard , Play Harder !!! My shit !!! No Help !!! No Child Support !!! Stop the F**king Lies !!!”

According to Chyna’s attorney Lisa Bloom, the former stripper hasn’t been getting a dime from Rob for the past few months when a judge put all payments on hold. She said in a rather shady statement to E! News:

“We believe Rob Kardashian has deliberately retreated from social media to reduce his income so that he can pay less child support. Poor little rich boy. What kind of father doesn’t want to support his own baby? In the meantime, Blac Chyna continues to work hard as a single mother supporting her children, as she has always done, whether Rob chooses to help or not.”

As contentious as Rob and Chyna’s child support payment situation seems to be, the two are apparently nothing but civil when it comes to actually supporting baby Dream.

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Sources tell TMZ that despite disliking each other, the former couple have zero co-parenting issues in managing their 50/50 custody split. Both have apparently been cooperative in abiding by a fair schedule, which sees the tot with one parent four days and another three days — an arrangement that’s switched weekly.

If there’s a scheduling conflict with either parent, the exes have learned to roll with the punches without any big drama. But that’s mostly because each parent has a nanny who handles the baby drop-offs and pick-ups — so they rarely have to interact!

As for venting their feelings about each other… well, that’s why social media exists:

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? Work Hard , Play Harder !!! My shit !!! No Help !!! No Child Support !!! Stop the Fucking Lies !!!

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