Bill Belichick Throws On Tight Jeans for COVID-19 Pep Talk, 'Shelter In Place'

Like millions of Americans, Bill Belichick is working from home today. Unlike millions of Americans … HE’S NOT WEARING SWEATPANTS!!

Instead, the Patriots head coach squeezed into his best pair of tight jeans, set up a cam in his office and just gave a signature Belichick pep talk to America about how to crush the coronavirus!

“Hello, this is Bill Belichick,” … (like we didn’t already know).

“I want to reach out to you in these uncertain and unprecedented times to let you know that I, and the New England Patriots, are behind you. We are all in this together.”

Belichick shouts out all of the heroes on the front lines — “medical professionals, doctors, nurses, medical workers and others” — and praises them for “doing their job.”

You know Bill … the “Do Your Job” thing has become his battle cry over the years.

“We are facing a difficult opponent. It will take teamwork, discipline and commitment to do the right things all the time. That includes staying at home.”

“I encourage everyone to shelter in place for as long as necessary as we fight this virus together.”


We zoomed way the hell in and spotted a few notable hardcovers

— “Roots” by Alex Haley

— “Medal of Honor” by Peter Collier

— “These United States” by Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore

— “The Best and the Brightest” by David Halberstam

It also looks like he’s got a Bon Jovi book in there!

One thing we didn’t see … a copy of Tom Brady‘s book. Maybe he just ran out of room?

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