'Big Little Lies' Fans Will Love Heather Graham's New Show

Buckle up, Big Little Lies fans! Heather Graham is adapting author Liane Moriarty’s book Hypnotist’s Love Story for TV and we suspect it will be full of similar twists and turns to the beloved HBO show. If this new series is picked up from the pilot, it could air on ABC starting in 2019.

According to Variety, Graham will executive produce and star in Hypnotist’s Love Story, though it’s unclear if she’ll play the main character or someone else. The story follows Ellen, a successful hypnotherapist with a string of failed romances. She’s hopeful about her new boyfriend, a single father, until he reveals that he has a stalker ex-girlfriend named Saskia who’s apparently been following him for years. Ellen becomes fascinated with this mysterious woman, unaware that they have already met. 

"I love Liane Moriarty so much," Graham tweeted on Thursday, Oct. 18. "So excited ABC wants to make this book into a TV show," she added.

On Moriarty’s website, she said the premise of the book came from personal experience, though the book is much different than what she set out to write. "After I wrote the first three chapters, I thought, Mmm, I think I’m accidentally writing a thriller," she wrote. "But although it does have elements of suspense, The Hypnotist’s Love Story is really a contemporary story about the murky areas between right and wrong, and the lines we’ll cross for love."

Variety notes that Graham, who’s known for her acting, has taken on more behind-the-camera work as of late. She wrote, directed and starred in the romantic comedy Half Magic and, in a vein closer to the material explored in Hypnotist’s Love Story, she recently starred in Law & Order: True Crime.

As of now, Hypnotist’s Love Story is still in development and has not officially been picked up by ABC. We hope it will be, especially because the future of BLL is yet to be determined. It’s clear that Moriarty knows how to write good suspense, so we’re all here for any adaptations of her work that we can get.

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