Beyonce Sends The Internet Wild After New Music Is ‘Leaked’ Under The Alias ‘Queen Carter’

Beyonce fans have gone berserk after what appears to be two full albums of unreleased music from the artist were either leaked or released to Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes on Thursday, December 20.

The two albums, Back Up, Rewind and Have Your Way, were under the name “Queen Carter,” but there’s little doubt that it’s Bey’s voice on the records. Both albums feature 10 songs, with the sound being much more similar to her early work as a solo artist than her latest ventures, according to Hollywood Life.

However, some of the songs have already been released publicly in other instances — the hit tune “What’s It Gonna Be” appeared on her 2003 self-titled debut album that she dropped after leaving Destiny’s Child, and “Hey Goldmember,” which is now on the second album Have Your Way, was famously part of the soundtrack for the comedy movie Austin Powers: Goldmember, which she starred in alongside Mike Myers.

Interestingly enough, there’s a song called “Twerk” on Back Up, Rewind, which if it indeed is dated from 2003, would put Queen Bey light years ahead of her peers, which is no surprise to her fans. Although the booty-shaking move had been around for a few years by then, it only became a mainstream phenomenon after rapper Huey’s 2006 hit single “Pop, Lock & Drop It.”

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There’s also a pretty love ballad that fans are praising, titled “Forever to Bleed,” in which she claims to regret not being present for a man who needed her in times of pain. And “Black Culture” is a great homage to Motown with a really catchy sound.

Her most die-hard fans were quick to point out that none of these are new songs, with one Twitter user saying “The Queen Carter albums are SENDING ME!!! WE BEEN KNEW BOUT THESE SONGS. YouTube to MP3,” and another jokingly posting “So I almost passed out until I realized it’s old music…so who is releasing Beyoncé’s old music as Queen Carter on iTunes?? I WANNA FIGHT.”

What the Beyhive were most surprise by, though, was that the music was being released into all the streaming platforms, and not just her husband Jay Z’s Tidal, which is were the couple usually stream their music. One fan even tweeted “RIP to whoever uploaded those old Beyoncé demos to iTunes.” And apparently, so was Beyonce herself, because the music was quickly pulled out of all the platforms, which means this was clearly the work of an online leaker.

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