Benny The Butcher on Visiting Kanye West’s Lavish Wyoming Ranch: ‘It Was Dope’

The Buffalo rapper also claims in a new interview that the Yeezy founder offers some sneak peeks at his music, saying, ‘I heard some s**t. He played a whole bunch of s**t.’

AceShowbizBenny The Butcher was among those who scored a coveted invitation to Kanye West‘s Wyoming ranch. Now, the rapper is sharing his experience after spending two days at the $1.4 million property while visiting the “Jesus Is King” spitter.

“It was dope man, going out there working with Ye. He got the f***in’ chef, he got whole f***in’ s**t. It’s motherf***in’ donkeys and lambs running around,” Benny said during his appearance on “The Joe Budden Podcast”. When asked about what kind of food Kanye’s chef was preparing in the kitchen, Benny explained, “Jamaican food. Real s**t.”

Saying that the husband of Kim Kardashian has ATVs at the wide-open land, Benny continued, “It was like rappers and producers out there. To be honest with you, I didn’t record nothing like that. We were just kickin’ it. Choppin’ it up.”

Benny also claimed that the Yeezy founder offered some sneak peeks at his music. “I heard some s**t. He played a whole bunch of s**t. Some s**t I would have rapped on but we never loaded it up. It was late. We was tired as f**k,” the Buffalo emcee recalled.

As for the reason why Ye invited him to his private crib, Benny shared, “Probably was some important s**t that he had to tend to. I had to tend to some s**t so I stayed for like two days.”

Kanye, who made headlines in the past few days following bizarre Twitter rant, is currently staying at his Wyoming ranch. On Monday, July 27, he was seen reuniting with his wife Kim amid rumors that the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star is preparing to divorce him. During the outing, they were spotted driving around Wyoming before stopping by Wendy’s to grab some food.

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