BBC’s Deborah James talks ‘gut-wrenching’ fears over scan amid stage 4 bowel cancer battle

Deborah James admits 'life must go on' in Lorraine interview

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Deborah James, 40, took to Instagram today to share a message of solidarity with her 228,000 followers about the anxiety that comes with getting a scan when you suffer from cancer. Deborah presents BBC 5 Live’s podcast You, Me and the Big C and is also a newspaper columnist.

The writer and presenter is a passionate patient advocate and patron of Bowel Cancer UK, and her proactive, positive attitude in the wake of being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer makes her an inspiration to many. 

On Instagram, she posted a picture of herself looking out of a car window as she appeared deep in thought.

She wrote: “Define: ‘Scan Anxiety’ […] HELL!”

“We walk a daily stage 4 Cancer tightrope. 

“Every ache isn’t an ache – it’s a gut wrenching “is that a tumour” thought that’s not statistically unrealistic.

“You walk from scan to scan, desperately trying to ‘live’ in between, for fear that at the next corner the carpet might be whipped from beneath your feet – again.

“You wonder if it’s too risky to put something in your diary for next week,” she continued. 

“Forget about next year. 

“You wonder if when you finally get all the results in, will you still have an option left on the table. 

“You plough on anyway in the meantime because what else is there to do – sit and wait for the judgment?

The BBC journalist managed to paint a somber picture of a cancer patient’s experience and the fear they have to live with on a daily basis.”

However, she finished on a more positive note with a message of support for her followers. 

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“So what can you do?” she asked.

“Well you are already doing it!” 

“You are doing the best you can to get through each day.

“Laugh, cry, hide away, plough on, dance, push it to the side.

“However you are doing it, you are not alone. 

“I get it. I totally get it. 

“I’m there right now. Sending love to you.”

Mother-of-two Deborah was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer in December 2016 and five years later, she continues to be a powerful voice for cancer sufferers all around the world.

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