Audrey Roloff Accused of Spreading Dangerous Medical Misinformation

A lot of people have had some unkind things to say about Audrey Roloff.

To be fair, Audrey has said unkind things herself, to put it mildly, on more than one occasion.

It’s not that people love to hate her — it’s that her choices sometimes disappoint her fans.

Now, fans are putting her on blast and accusing her of sharing potentially dangerous “medical” advice.

Audrey has suffered from mastitis, an infection that can occur while breastfeeding.

We knew this when Ember Jean was just a newborn (she’s growing up so quickly).

So a fan asked the 29-year-old mother of two for advice on mastitis remedies.

Audrey took to her Instagram Stories to share what we’re sure she sincerely saw as helpful advice.

(No fans are doubting this)

However, the nature of her recommendations — with no mention of a doctor or actual medical expert in sight — has fans on edge.

Audrey’s list of advice includes oregano, lavender, tea tree oil, garlic, and sunflower lecithin — herbal remedies.

She also recommends combinations of heat and cold applied to the breasts before and after feeding.

Part of her advice is as simple as “feeding in different positions” while the inflammation is present.

“It’s really unsafe for her to be advising this!” opined one commenter as her IG Story made the rounds.

That same comment continued: “It could mean an infection goes untreated too long!”

A worried fan observed: “Most influencers at least say ‘always seek medical advice.'”

“This is incredibly irresponsible advice,” announced a worried fan.

That same commenter prognosticated: “Some young mother may actually try this and end up getting unnecessarily and severely ill.”

There is a reason that so much medical advice on the internet comes with disclaimers — it comes from a place of compassion, but also to protect the advice-giver.

“Someone else may have mentioned this already,” a commenter began, “but you can report this for inappropriate/false information on IG.”

The worried fan noted that those concerned can do so “by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen.”

Instagram is not always quick to move on things (except for photos that they deem “inappropriate”), but medical misinformation sometimes needs to be addressed urgently.

“She is posting misinformation,” another commenter accused.

The commenter wrote: “If people want mastitis advice, they need to talk to a medical professional, not some random mom from TV.”

“I’m reporting this on IG,” multiple fans wrote.

Part of the criticism was exactly as it appears to be — that this specific post may have been irresponsible.

There is also an undercurrent of skepticism of Audrey that is rooted, not in the post itself, but in her general attitudes towards the world and medicine in general.

Delicately put, there is a “vibe” that Auj is convinced that she knows better than experts on many topics.

There is an additional undercurrent that is religious in nature — Audrey is both a devout Christian and she is very conservative, politically.

In the minds of many fans, Audrey’s hesitancy to accept traditional medical help and her distancing herself from “this wicked generation” of society, as she calls it, go hand in hand.

Remember, not everyone who eschews medicine for herbs is a hippie or whatever. Some people see it as lessening reliance upon an increasingly secular society.

Audrey has recently come under fire for some of her parenting practices.

At one point, the mother of two shared a photo featuring a dangerous axe leaning against the hearth just a few feet from her baby.

Fans were also alarmed when Audrey chose to strap Bode to herself while skiing, because no matter how skilled she is, another skiier could have plowed into her at any moment.

It’s important to remember that not all critics speak with the same voice.

Some people just decided that they don’t like Audrey — someone or another has said the same about each and every member of the Roloff family. It happens.

Others, however, aren’t trolling — they’re genuine fans who find it painful when Audrey blunders, and want to see her do better in the future.

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