Ashley Graham Begs For Help While Taping Up Her Chest In Hilarious Video — ‘Cardi B Tried It’

Using tape while going braless to make boobs look higher has worked for Cardi B and Kim Kardashian. Ashley Graham is now attempting it with hilariously bad results. We’ve got the wild video.

For stars who want to go braless and show off tons of cleavage, heavy duty tape has been a proven way to go to keep boobs high and perky. Kim Kardashian has used the trick to perfection and so has Cardi B. Now Ashley Graham is attempting to use tape to keep her girls high and tight but it’s just not working. And thank goodness she made sure to videotape her boob tape drama for her fans to see! The model posted the epic tape fail to her Instagram on Nov. 12 with the caption “Please send help” and it is everything!

Ashley’s left boob was covered in black tape from the bottom of her breast up to her shoulder but her skin was all bunched up, which would make for disastrous looking cleavage in a low-cut gown. “Kim tried it. Cardi B tried it. I’m trying to tape. I don’t know. I just don’t know how this is going to work,” she said in the first video while making a cringing look on her face.

“Have you done this? And if so I don’t think I did it right,” she continues in the next video, asking for fan input. “I mean Jordan really tried and she didn’t do a bad job but I feel like I’m defeating the purpose” Ashley added while still cupping her bare right boob as the taping job keeps going downhill.

The 30-year-old and her styling team finally threw in the towel and realized the tape job wasn’t going to work. “Oh sh*t” she exclaimed as an assistant ripped off the tape and Ashley let out a scream in pain as she was then shown topless. Fans were totally there for the model, giving her tips as well as thanking her for the laughs. “Did it for my wedding, my seamstress told me to YouTube it ….my sister and best friend taped my DD’s up, worked much better than I thought!” one woman shared while another told her “Girl this made me laugh so hard! I had to use panty liners as nipple covers this weekend so I feel your pain! Hahaha.”

Another fan asked her “please make sure you let us know which works for you as some of us have the same problem!!” while one woman told Ashley and her fans “girls its the best. Got 1 for my low cut dress for a wedding & i swear i looked like i got a boob job!!” “You have to put longer pieces from the stage stomach area all the way over the shoulder and then smaller pieces to even out your boob and make it the shape you want you boob to be! Did that for my prom dress!” another helpful fan commented.

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