Angry Bagel Shop Guy Has History of Loud Public Confrontations

There’s something a little off about the enraged man who went viral for ranting about women on dating sites before getting attacked — he has a pattern of noisy and disturbing altercations.

In case you missed it, this NY bagel shop video went viral Wednesday due to the guy tearing into women who ridicule him for his height. The added bonus of him challenging 2 larger men to fight before getting his ass kicked had all the makings of social media gold.

TMZ’s learned the vid’s just the latest in a series featuring the guy getting into arguments and altercations all around Long Island, usually because he claims he’s been harassed for his height or slighted in some way.

The videos come from the YouTube channel of Chris Morgan, who is presumably the 5′ tall man from the bagel shop, but unlike the viral vid … they are selfie vids he’s angrily narrating. In several of them, the people he is accosting and filming call him Chris.

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In a 2-parter from May, the man is pissed off in a 7-Eleven because he says one of the employees asked him how tall he was. He shouts at the guy for a couple minutes before calling the cops to file a harassment charge, but as you can see … the officer’s mostly confused and irritated.

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In another bizarre and disturbing vid from December, the man accuses a woman of cursing in front of her child and cutting in front of him to use the bathroom at a store. It looks like things get physical and she accuses him of putting his hands on her, and he yells that she slapped his phone.

The woman is referred to as a “ghetto hoodrat” in the video title, and he yelled at her … “f**k you, bitch” and “you’re a loser ghetto skank.”

There are many more vids on the channel that include the guy using homophobic slurs and being racist and sexist, calling the cops on his neighbor, and getting into fights with people who seem to know him … including a Jets fan at a bar.

It’s all very strange — and maybe he’s just doing this for attention — but we probably haven’t seen the last of this tool.

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