Andrew Garfield Refuses to Join Social Media for Fears of Mental Health Issues

The former Spider-Man depicter explains why he doesn’t have any account on social media, admitting that he is worried it would destroy his mental health.

AceShowbiz -Actor Andrew Garfield has insisted he’s too “sensitive” for social media, and fears it will adversely affect his mental health.

The Social Network” actor doesn’t think it would be “beneficial” if he used Twitter or Facebook because he worries about how “addictive” it would be to have the opportunity to see what people are saying about him all the time.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, he said, “I don’t think it would be beneficial to my mental health. I think I’m too sensitive, and I want to stay that way.”

“What these platforms promise is some form of negative or positive feedback, and either one can be addictive for someone who equates attention with love. It’s not great if you want to have a deep experience of being alive.”

But Andrew did read posts about himself in the latest instalment of BuzzFeed’s “Thirst Tweets,” in which stars read flattering messages about themselves, and the segment led him to ponder a lucrative potential “side gig.”

Referring to his famous “lawyer up, a******” line from The Social Network, a fan had written, “I wish andrew garfield would whisper ‘you better lawyer up, a******’ in my ear.”

And after reading out the post, Andrew said, “The cool thing about that movie, my love for Jesse Eisenberg and the relationship we created for that film meant that I wanted that line to hurt him more than if I shouted it. I wanted it to be lodged in his f****** soul.”

He continued, “If I can’t make money in other ways, I will charge people for me to whisper in their ear, ‘You better lawyer up, a******. It’s kind of a good side gig.”

The “Hacksaw Ridge” actor admitted throughout the interview segment that so much attention made him uncomfortable, and at one stage he debated the history of “sexy” after one Tweet declared he had “invented sexy.”

He said, “When was ‘sexy’ invented? I guess consciously it would have to be a human. Although I’m sure before humans existed, in the cosmos and on Earth there were forms of life…God, why did I agree to this.”

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