Amy Schumer Won’t Star in Super Bowl Commercials Out of Respect for Colin Kaepernick

Amy Schumer is doing her part to show support for football player Colin Kaepernick by not participating in any Super Bowl commercials.

The 37-year-old actress previously appeared in a Bud Light commercial for the Super Bowl in 2016.

“Friday thought. I wonder why more white players aren’t kneeling. Once you witness the truly deep inequality and endless racism people of color face in our country, not to mention the police brutality and murders. Why not kneel next to your brothers? Otherwise how are you not complicit?” Amy said on her Instagram.

“I think it would be cool if Maroon 5 backed out of super bowl like Rihanna did. I personally told my reps I wouldn’t do a Super Bowl commercial this year. I know it must sound like a privilege ass sacrifice but it’s all i got,” Amy continued. “Hitting the nfl with the advertisers is the only way to really hurt them. I know opposing the nfl is like opposing the nra. Very tough, but don’t you want to be proud of how you’re living? Stand up for your brothers and sisters of color.”

Rihanna reportedly turned down the chance to headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2019 out of respect for Kaepernick, who has been shunned by the NFL after kneeling during the National Anthem.

“And the hottest thing a guy can do is get down on one knee. Not to propose but to reject the treatment of his teammates by this country. Anyone who says its disrespectful to our military please read up on the fact that a lot of veterans are proud of what @kaepernick7 is doing and fully support him. What are your thoughts?” she concluded.

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