Alissa Violet Reveals Truth About Her & Jake Paul’s Relationship in Shane Dawsons’ Docu-Series

Alissa Violet is finally revealing the truth behind her relationship with Jake Paul.

In one of the final parts of Shane Dawson‘s docu-series, “The Mind of Jake Paul”, Alissa explains that what you saw online between her and Jake was all a showmance.

“We never officially dated, ever,” Alissa says. “…It was just hooking up and I’ve chased him for so long and I wanted him to be my boyfriend. I was just so confused and confronted him every day like, ‘what are we? This hurts so bad’ and he was always just brushing it off. We never really established what we were. We were together, but we weren’t.”

Alissa goes on to reveal that since she signed a contract with both Jake and Logan Paul‘s companies, she had to appear in their videos and work with them.

“I tried for so long to change him, to make him a better person. He just never wanted to change. I tried for so long,” she adds. “That’s why I’m so annoyed in all his videos because I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. I don’t know if we’re together and I try to talk to him about it and he brushes it off and two minutes later, he’s like ‘hey I need you for a video.’ I never knew what we were, ever.”

Alissa also explains the whole scandal of her “cheating” with Logan.

“Jake lied and said that I cheated, but we were never together,” she says. “I was so pissed off, I was so fed up, I was so hurt, I was so disgusted, I was at my breaking point. I hit up Logan and was like, ‘let’s hang out.’ Then me and Logan hooked up and I’m still disgusted by it.”

“It’s not who I am and it’s not who I ever wanted to be. I just feel like I was a pawn in their game, they’re always trying to one up each other. I was just used the whole time, in Team 10, in videos.”

You can check out Alissa‘s part of the docu-series below:

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