Alison Hammond, 47, accepts ‘I might die a bit sooner’ but vows to ‘have a fantastic life’

This Morning: Alison Hammond 'devastated' over Alijaz's exit

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This Morning presenter Alison Hammond has admitted she gets her fair share of trolling attacks due to her weight. However, the 47-year-old, who once appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, has vowed to live her life to the full without being pressured into changing how she looks.

We’re all going to die eventually

Alison Hammond

In fact, Alison insists that she “likes” taking up extra space and has no interest in losing weight.

“Sometimes I look at myself and go, ‘Wow, I am a big girl,'” she mused.

“But I like taking up a bit of space, I’m OK with it.

“I take a little bit of extra space in the world and I don’t think I’m hurting anyone.”

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She has also questioned whether she might look larger on air than she does in real life, as it’s said that “television puts on a bit of weight”.

“We’re all going to die eventually,” Alison shrugged.

“I might die a little bit sooner, but I’m going to live my life to the fullest. And if I do die sooner, I’m going to have a fantastic life. I’m going to have a wonderful life.”

She did concede that she might choose healthier food options in the near future to prevent an attack of joint pain, which she has been suffering in her knee.

Other than that, Alison doesn’t intend to change – although she admits that she receives daily comments critiquing her figure.

One message earlier this week raged that the star needed to lose 40 stone, although Alison says that if she lost that much, she would be “dead”.

The former Big Brother star was speaking to fellow ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly and her daughter Rosie Smith on their What If? podcast.

During the transmission, she also revealed that she is “good at overcoming things” in spite of them appearing difficult.


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Alison also broached the thorny topic of weight on Holly Willoughby’s Wylde Moon podcast, questioning: “Does being smaller really make me a better person?”

“My life might end a little bit sooner, but do you know what? It might not.

“We’ve got to live the best life that we can possibly live and just love each other for what we are,” she suggested, adding that her journey to self-acceptance had become easier with her increasing age.

She mentioned that the This Morning glam team – also praised by the likes of Dr Zoe Williams during an exclusive interview with – help her to look and feel her best, transforming not just her make-up, but her confidence.

“I literally rock up at work looking homeless, I look like a bag lady – and when I come out, I look like a Hollywood superstar!” she exclaimed.

Calmly defining herself as “a little bit extra in the world”, Alison has made it clear she intends to keep the same positive mind-set in spite of any negative comments she might receive.

“Everyone knows I’m a big girl, leave me alone!” she added.

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