Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch mortified after daughter overheard X-rated joke

Abbey Clancy and her husband Peter Crouch have revealed how they were left mortified when their daughter overheard them making an X-rated joke during a family day out.

The model, 37 and former professional footballer, 42 who share four children, Sophia, 12, Liberty, seven, Johnny, five, and Jack, three, shared the cringe-worthy story during their weekly podcast The Therapy Crouch. The dad of four confessed he "couldn't believe" what had happened.

Speaking on the podcast, Peter shared that the family went to the park on a "nice and sunny" day and opted to get ice creams – he stayed with their dog away from the ice cream van in case he decided to "nick a kids ice cream or something".

He continued: "So I’m keeping Jeffrey away and I just shouted over 'I’ll have a 99' and Ab said, like quite quietly away from the queue, 'Sure you don’t want a 69?'"

The power couple burst into laughter before Peter continued: "‘Obviously great gag between us, loved it, all good. Sophia then turns around – she’s 12 – 'That’s disgusting!'

In complete shock the former footballer added: "'Pardon?' I said, 'You’re a child. It’s a gag between me and your mother.' I couldn’t believe it. I went 'Oh my God'".

Abbey who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2013 then explained how her daughter told her "I know what that is mum. You are vile" before also adding "You’re disgusting".

In a bid to trick her daughter into innocence, the mum attempted to cover up the joke and tried to explain that it was actually just a "different style of ice cream" with "two flakes instead of one". They added that they were "completely mortified" and it "shook them up a bit".

Abbey and Peter first met in 2006 and tied the knot in June 2011 during a beautiful ceremony at Stapleford Park Hotel in Leicestershire. Earlier this year the pair were as loved-up as ever as they renewed their wedding vows in the Maldives while surrounded by their family and four children.

The devoted parents offer unfiltered insights into their relationship dynamic on their candid podcast. Speaking about the joint project, Peter previously joked: "I can give advice to fellas who are struggling with a lunatic wife."

Abbey added: "We’ve got four kids, two cats and one dog [plus five ducklings and two orphaned lambs!], and we love each other, we’re still happy.

"Our relationship isn’t different to anyone else’s – we definitely have our highs and lows."

The duo hit it off instantly when they first met in a Liverpool bar beneath the restaurant where Abbey worked as a waitress. Despite his initial belief that the model was out of his league, Abbey handed Peter her number and the rest is history.

She previously said: "I had a crush on Peter before we met, and he was getting a bit of stick in the paper for not scoring.

"I’ve got a bit of a niche taste in men! It felt like he needed to be looked after and cared for. I thought [he was] hot but needed a bit of TLC."

Despite Abbey's crush, the former Liverpool striker – who is a towering 6"7 – said he had to woo Abbey and that she was "a tough nut to crack".

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