A Body Language Expert Says Prince Harry Was "Riddled With Signals of Anxiety and Awkwardness" During Meghan Markle's Speech Yesterday

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently on a brief trip to the U.K. and Germany for a series of public engagements, and yesterday Meghan gave her first speech since leaving the royal family. (!!!!!)

Meghan spoke at the One Young World summit in Manchester and Harry joined her for the event, sitting in the audience during her talk. Which obviously means the time has come to ~analyze their body language~. According to expert Judi James, who spoke to The Sun, “Meghan arrived down the steps between the audience like a rock star, hand in hand with a more bashful looking Harry and giving sweet baby-waves to the fans on either side.”

And while Meghan radiated confidence, Judi said Harry “was riddled with signals of anxiety and awkwardness” and “literally folded his jacket across his torso at one point, checked his tie several times and hiked his pants or fiddled with his shirt or cuffs.” She also noted that “Meghan name-checked him lovingly during her speech and he responded awkwardly, looking down and then upward with what looked like a sigh.”

However! Meghan fully had Harry’s back. “She chatted and whispered to Harry during the service and placed a loving and protective-looking hand on his back as he greeted the hosts on arrival,” Judi explained. “In her speech, when she got to 2019 and her married status she performed a small elbow pump to her torso before falling into some coy, loving smiles and giggles as well as some long blinks of gratitude and love. Calling herself a ‘Mom’ got some wild applause from the audience and when she returned to her seat she placed an arm around Harry’s waist as he returned the compliment in a gesture of congratulation.”

Sounds like these two are in-sync per usual!

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