WHAT BOOK would author Lisa Taddeo take to a desert island?

WHAT BOOK would author Lisa Taddeo take to a desert island?

  • Lisa Taddeo is currently reading Ursula Le Guin’s The Earthsea Trilogy
  • The author would take William Trevor’s Collected Stories to a desert island
  •  Loved Stephen King and creepy classics like V.C. Andrews’s Flowers In The Attic

…are you reading now? 

Ursula Le Guin’s The Earthsea Trilogy — I work so much that the only way to really feel that reading is an escape is to enter a completely different world, and Le Guin is one of the finest authors of other worlds. 

This is a time when other worlds can teach us more about our own than ever before.

I’m also re-reading The Right To Sex, by Amia Srinivasan, which is the type of book I think we all should have on our desks as a reminder of how to interact with one another. 

It’s beautiful, smart, incisive and almost a primer on how to be a human being. 

Lisa Taddeo (pictured) would take William Trevor’s Collected Stories to a desert island

…would you take to a desert island? 

William Trevor’s Collected Stories — a security blanket of a book. The stories in the collection are filled with vital truths about the human experience while also providing comfort for that very experience that we have to endure. 

The Piano Tuner’s Wives is an example of a story that might make you feel like you’re imbibing the full breath of a lifetime. But it’s also concurrently insular, and the beauty that can be found at the cross-section of the two is mesmerising to me. 

…first gave you the reading bug? 

Lois Duncan’s Locked In Time. From childhood I was always into horror and suspense, and this book gave me that sparkly, cuddly, excited feeling of wa­nting to steal away into a room of one’s own. 

It taught m e h o w to entertain myself, and it made me feel the full extent of the power of books. 

From there I moved on to Stephen King (author of The Shining) and also spent a lot of time with creepy classics such as V.C. Andrews’s Flowers In The Attic.

And though my reading tastes have expanded greatly, I still find so many of those old gothic influences popping up in my work.

I think reading books like that taught me to listen to the world in a slightly conspiratorial manner. 

…left you cold? 

Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Much like tomatoes, I can recognise the allure, but it’s just not for me. 

It’s important to be able to be honest about not liking something one is ‘­supposed’ to like. 

It’s more vital, I think, to foster a love of reading and to sample the wide and w­onderful offering of literature than it is to be reading the ‘right’ books.  

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