Newly Published, From Sea Stories to Trauma’s Impact

AN IMPOSSIBLE LOVE, by Christine Angot. Translated by Armine Kotin Mortimer. (Archipelago, paper, $18.) In a work of fiction, Angot charts the fractured relationship of her parents from its beginnings in the 1950s, revealing how ideas of class and nationalism in France impact love.

THE ARCHEOLOGIST AND SELECTED SEA STORIES, by Andreas Karkavitsas. Translated by Johanna Hanink. (Penguin Classics, paper, $17.) This translation of Karkavitsas’ “The Archeologist,” originally published in 1904, is presented here with four stories that Karkavitsas heard from sailors while sailing the Mediterranean.

EVERYDAY TRAUMA: Remapping the Brain’s Response to Stress, Anxiety, and Painful Memories for a Better Life, by Tracey Shors. (Flatiron, $27.99.) A neuroscientist explains the impact of trauma on the human body, and presents a program that combines mental and physical exercises to help overcome trauma.

NAILING IT: How History’s Awesome Twentysomethings Got It Together, by Robert L. Dilenschneider. (Citadel, paper, $16.95.) This collection focuses on 25 public figures, including Einstein, Mozart and Toni Morrison, and zeros in on what they were doing with their lives during their mid-20s.

What to Read: 4 New Poetry Books

What to Read: 4 New Poetry Books

From the body’s betrayals to colonial Africa, 1970s Jersey and a collection curated by a retired dean of libraries, this batch of poetry takes readers from the intangible to the material world.

Here are four new poetry books to linger on this week →

What to Read: 4 New Poetry Books

A DANGEROUS PLACE, by Chelsea B. DesAutels. (Sarabande, paper, $15.95.) This debut’s title refers to the frail human body and to the world itself. “Most people/don’t want to hear your story/of grief unless they knew you before,” one poem declares.

What to Read: 4 New Poetry Books

REFRACTIVE AFRICA: Ballet of the Forgotten, by Will Alexander. (New Directions, paper, $16.95.) Since the 1980s, the Los Angeles-based Alexander has mixed politics with mesmeric, oracular lines. Here, three long poems evoke colonial Africa.

What to Read: 4 New Poetry Books

MADRIGALIA: New & Selected Poems, by Lisa Russ Spaar. (Karen & Michael Braziller/Persea, paper, $19.95.) The poems that make up the first third of Spaar’s career overview are cast as madrigals: brief odes to everything from spring onions to 1970s New Jersey, with surprising notes of eros.

What to Read: 4 New Poetry Books

BOOKS AND LIBRARIES: Poems, edited by Andrew Scrimgeour. (Everyman’s Library, $15.95.) This collection of fond poems celebrating books, curated by the retired dean of libraries at Drew University, includes work from Horace, Dante, Shakespeare, Borges, Cavafy, Angelou, Walcott and others.

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