George RR Martin unveils his favourite Game of Thrones episode of those he wrote

Game of Thrones: Davos calls for drums in 'Blackwater' episode

As George RR Martin continues to work away on The Winds of Winter, he occasionally takes a break to update fans on his news via his blog.

Most recently the 74-year-old was honoured to discover that Vanity Fair has named a Game of Thrones episode he penned as one of the best episodes of TV ever made.

The author posted: “I have never claimed to be perfect… but if the good folks at VANITY FAIR want to say so, who I am to argue?

“Of course, they are not actually saying I am perfect. They are talking about Blackwater [S2 E9], one of the episodes I wrote for GAME OF THRONES. 

“(I scripted four. And yes, Blackwater is my own favourite of those, although I thought The Lion and the Rose [S4 E2] turned out very well too, and I have a soft spot for that one).”

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The other two Martin penned were The Pointy End [S1 E8] and The Bear and the Maiden Fair [S3 E7].

Blackwater, which aired in May 2012, depicted Stannis Baratheon’s siege of King’s Landing.

The episode was praised by Vanity Fair for its balance of “eye-popping action with finely observed, character-driven moments”.

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Martin added: “Anyway… I feel very pleased and flattered to be in such great company.  

“No work of art is ever truly perfect, of course… but it is very gratifying to hear that maybe you achieved it, or at least came close… for some of your readers (or viewers)… once in a very great while.  

“There is always a next time, though… and regardless of how well (or poorly) one of my tales is received,  I always want to do better the next time I sit down in front of the computer.”

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