For Asian Women Raised in Sweatshop Conditions, Queens Posed Obstacles to Assimilation

By Chanel Miller

A Memoir of Love and Labor
By Anna Qu

A Memoir
By Ly Tran

Whenever I tell my Chinese grandfather that I love him, he pats me on the back and says, “OK.” Sometimes I get a smile and a nod. I’ve never heard him say “love” out loud, but I do know that when I fall asleep in his living room after a home-cooked meal, I wake up with two duvets stacked on top of me. I know that when I get into my car, he yells, “Seatbelt!” and fills my trunk with rice crackers, pineapple cakes and oranges. When love is not explicitly expressed, you learn to look for it. Anna Qu’s “Made in China” and Ly Tran’s “House of Sticks” capture the confusion and wonder of lives spent looking.

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