Bookmobiles, Anderson Cooper and Other Letters to the Editor

Books on Wheels

To the Editor:

Thank you for Erica Ackerberg’s feature on bookmobiles (Sept. 19), which brought back the joy I felt driving a bookmobile through the hill towns of western Massachusetts 40 years ago. On icy roads, we chugged slowly up hills of snow, holding our breaths that we would make it in the old creaky bookmobile.

When we would get into town, there would be a group of happy customers waiting to get on, people of all ages excited to get an armful of books for the long winter ahead.

Lauren Naismith
Edmonds, Wash.

To the Editor:

Your recent feature on bookmobiles from the past might have led some readers to think that the bookmobile is long gone. But from many photos of the Bronx that I have taken, I was able to find two from 2019 (pre-Covid) that show that the bookmobile is alive and well in the Claremont neighborhood.

Admittedly, at the time even I was a little surprised that they were still in use.

Robert Kornhaber
River Ridge, N.J.

Accounted For

To the Editor:

“Where are the women of color?” Alejandro Lugo asks in a letter to the editor (Sept. 19), referring to our book “Still Mad,” which was reviewed on Sept. 5.

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