Pregnant Stacey Solomon feels 'guilty about accepting freebies' as she couldn't afford a pram for her first baby

STACEY Solomon has admitted that she feels guilty about accepting freebies after barely being able to afford a pram during her first pregnancy.

The 29-year-old opened up about the differences between having her first and third child during a chat with Instagram stars This Is Mothership.

She explained: "When you're in a really privileged position you get given stuff.

"I remember when I was pregnant with Leighton and even this time, people giving me stuff and thinking 'oh my goodness'."

Stacey went on to confess how times had changed from when she was pregnant with her Zachary, who she had when she was just 17-years-old.

"I remember when there was a time when I was pregnant with Zac, my first, and I couldn't even afford a pram. I had to get milk tokens, I had to get milk.

"It's such a weird universe, that makes you feel guilty enough."

Stacey is currently expecting her third child – her first with boyfriend Joe Swash.

She also has son Zachary, 11, with ex-boyfriend Dean Cox and seven-year-old Leighton with ex-fiance Aaron Barnham.

Stacey recently admitted that she felt guilty about having babies with different dads after jibes from friends.

Speaking to Closer Magazine about her boys and past relationships, she said: "I did feel guilty about having babies with different dads.

"I didn't want my kids to have a negative or confused upbringing.

"There's a stigma about having babies with different partners – I've definitely felt pressure from people – people I don't know, and even people I do know.

"Even those close to me have had their opinions on it, and that can hurt."

Thankfully Stacey has learned to ignore such comments as she knows her two sons are happy and content.

She explained: "My boys are incredibly loved – by me and their fathers, and by Joe, who is just another positive male role model in their lives.

"And that can only be good for them. They are so content and confident and happy."

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